Frequently Asked Questions

What about competition. Are you providing all members with the exact same sites each month or is each member receiving a unique set of sites with original and unique content?

We will have groups made up of only 125 members each who will receive the same content each month. Each group will get completely different niches and content.

When there are 125 members you have only 125 competitors which is a far cry from the hundreds and more often thousands that other memberships let in.

If it's true that only 10 to 20% of people ever do anything with what they have (and I believe it is), that is not many competing sites and when you realize that we provide from 4 to 12 different header graphics for each site almost all of them will likely look different.

There are a number of methods of making your pages unique (some automatic) that are covered in the training. Some do involve a bit of rewriting but that is optional and I know many members who do very well without doing that. Some are proprietary that we only tell members how to do.

I do think rewriting the article on the home page a bit helps because only the home page is likely to get indexed initially and once you see which sites are taking off you can focus on varying them. The 80/20 rule applies in that 20% of your sites will make you 80% of your profits so it makes sense to concentrate on the ones that produce the most profits.

Also, there are 20 articles for each site and you can use any of those as the home page which greatly reduces the odds of the home page being similar to another members.

Remember too these articles are NOT PLR. The content cannot be used anywhere else which adds to their exclusivity and value far more than PLR member sites where there are few to no restrictions.

Also you can start with 5 to 15 articles on the site initially and then add one or two each week. The RSS feed randomly selects a paragraph from one of the articles and pings the search engines randomly between 1 to 10 days thus adding to the illusion of fresh content being added. As you add additional content it will be used in the RSS feed as well automatically, provided you put it in the article folder.

The content is also updated every 1 to 10 days by means of the incoming RSS feeds. You control how often each site is updated in the configuration file by changing the variable in that file, $cachetime = 10; to how often in days you want the incoming feeds updated. Why would you not want to update them as often as possible? So that the search engine spiders are not likely to detect that they are not being updated manually. With so few members and so many ways to make each site different there is no reason to be concerned about this at all. The search engines look for reoccurring patterns that number in the thousands. Our 125 sites will not come anywhere near their radar.

I just watched your video talking about a site you built on building model ships which ranked #3 after 2 weeks in Google and number 1 after 6 weeks...I can't find the site even on the first page on google when i type in the keyword building model ships. What happened?

The video talks about a site I created in April 2007. Six weeks later it was ranked number 1 on Google until April 2008 when I, while doing some experimenting to increase the CTR, did something Google did not like and all of a sudden it went from #1 to nowhere.

Needless to say I don't try that trick anymore.

I have plenty of sites that still have top Google rankings but I was serious when I said once you make them public they seldom keep their rankings. I've made that mistake before. If you are smart you will not give reveal your high income site addresses to others either.

What training are you providing? In what formats?

There is a 9 page PDF instruction manual, a one page checklist (or cheatsheet) and a 17 page PDF traffic manual. There is a page of Frequently Asked Questions that are answered and 10 short training videos.

We also have 100 short videos that teach many basic to advanced things. It is doubtful you will have to watch any of these to use our program unless you do not know how to unzip a file.

I have taught complete beginners who did not even know how to unzip a file so anyone can do this. However, if you know how to upload files your learning curve will be much shorter.

Unique content is important to Google. How many of your sites have been released?

No more than 125 members have ever received the 5 current new sites. Previous months sites are removed each month to safeguard the value of this exclusive content.

Which web hosting provider do you recommend?

We prefer to keep that information confidential for our members only. As far as we know any web host will work but some are better than others. We recommend two that provide unlimited domain hosting for only $6.95 a month. Both are very fast and have great service.

How much money can I expect to earn from these sites?

That is an impossible question to answer. There are far too many variables involved to know. Besides, it is not legal to make income guarantees.

I can tell you that I have earned from as little as zero up to as much as $156 Per Day Per Site. You do the math. The site are designed to get you indexed quickly but getting top rankings, and thus good traffic, depends largely on the number and quality of incoming links you get to your sites. We teach you what we feel are the most efficient ways of getting those links but you have to put in the work needed to get them. We pretty much do everything else for you but you need to put some effort into getting backlinks.

Is the $97 cost once or per month?

When you view it properly, it is not a cost at all. It's an investment. Yes, it's a monthly membership but you can cancel anytime and the sites you paid for remain yours and will continue to function and update automatically.

Each of the 5 sites you receive each month includes at least 20 top quality unique articles, not cheap PLR articles. If you purchased the articles alone of this caliber they would cost you $3000 a month. And unlike PLR articles, these cannot be used anywhere else and so retain their value month after month, year after year.

"You've really made it all very easy!"
- Walt

BTW, I'm very pleased with the overall quality of the articles, and even more pleased with your site building skills. You've really made it all very easy!

I've tried a couple other similar operations in the past - and still belong to Keyword Avalanche - but none of them matches what you are offering! The RSS feeds are really a nice touch also.

Again thanks!

Walt Boyd

100% Guaranteed.
Put Your Private Niche Empire Sites to work for a full 60 days.
You must agree these sites are worth substantially more than
your investment or your purchase will be instantly refunded
cheerfully with no questions asked.

Private Niche Empire absolutely ROCKS!!

I have never been so tickled pink with something...

Dorene Patterson

“I have found nothing else to compare...”
- Andrew

Dear Ellery,

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the excellent products at Private Niche Empire and especially for the superlative support you have given me.

I have cancelled my other niche website memberships as they are just too complicated to set up with poor instructions, but yours are crisp and clean and a breeze to set up.

I have found nothing else to compare to the exclusiveness that Private Niche Empire delivers. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Pearson

“Wow, this is what I have been looking for.”
- Charles

Wow, this is what I have been looking for.

I have seen so many 'tools' promoted, but this combination will be the best, and by far the easiest! I know you have some tricks up your sleeve!

Thanks again,

Charles Nicks

“ example a lot of these Guru's could learn from.”
- Fred

I do appreciate what you are doing to help people get started, it is an example a lot of these so called Guru's could learn from. Don't stop being a nice guy Ellery, you are one of a rare breed and my pleasure to be involved with you.

Fred Monck

“I am really delighted with the quality”
- Lawrence

Hi Ellery

I bought your package 2 days ago and I am a complete newbie to the Internet world.

I am really delighted with the quality of the package, the conciseness of the instructions and the responsiveness in terms of support via emails that followed after the purchase. Really glad to mention that I was able to get 3 sites done up within the 1st day.

The headers are really great and relate directly to the theme. The color scheme is rich and blends 100% in the site. This was what captured me and got me to subscribe to your package.

Ellery, keep up the good work. Really looking forward to next month's sites and all future updates.


Lawrence Tan

“Thank you so much for your quick response.”
- Angela

Thank you so much for your quick response. I think you must be the nicest guy on the internet... well, the nicest "marketing" guy I have ever met!


“I am very pleased”
- Ken

Hi Ellery

As a recent subscriber to Private Niche Empire, I am very pleased by the content provided and the functional website packages.

The provided guide outlines the step by step method to create the sites as well as tips on how to achieve the best results.

I am looking forward to good results from this fall's selling season.

All the best,

Ken B.

“It works... this is awesome!”
- Aaron

It works... this is awesome! I'm very happy with your service and all the hard work you've put into it. Your simple instructions allowed me to make my sites different enough from everyone else's, yet you did all the hard work. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.

Aaron Vaughn, Phoenix, Arizona

“ is great coaching that you provide for your group of virtual real estate builders!”
- Hans-Martin

I am most impressed - because I am impressed all around the project of yours including those VERY appealing websites received so far - well, most impresses me your own keen interest in staying in touch with your clients.

Your supportive emails are exemplary in content, style, and embedded helpfulness. So here are the accolades you so well deserve! In any event, it is great coaching that you provide for your group of virtual real estate builders!

Hans-Martin Steinert
Vernon BC Canada

“My first site was picked up by Google in less than a week ...”
- Tina

My first site was picked up by Google in less than a week so I know you're promotion system works. It took me three months to get into Google with my own work.

Thanks for the assistance, Ellery.

Tina Spriggs

“my business is starting to take off...growing exponentially. I was a complete beginner.”
- Ian

Everything is going well and my business is starting to take off. Am I ever glad I took your advice. My growth in revenue with your sites whilst still small is growing exponentially.

All I can say is the future is looking very bright indeed.

Not bad when you consider that my first sites went live in February plus I was a complete beginner when I met you online and didn't even know how to ftp. And I have you to thank for getting me started with your good advice and kind words of encouragement. I really appreciate your help.

As an absolute beginner in website publishing I have learnt more from you and your materials in the last few weeks, than I have in the last three years listening to the so called gurus.

It makes a pleasant change for someone to not only supply exactly what they said they would. But to also give support that until now I have never enjoyed. And I have bought into some deals with the big names in internet marketing who seem to sell you one part of the jigsaw only to then try and sell you the next ten thousand pieces.

You come to me as a breath of fresh air Ellery, and I look forward to having a long and mutually prosperous working relationship with you.


Ian Jackson

“your sites...a much superior product.”
- Mark

I do wish it was you and your sites that I had started with last March instead of ___. I would be much further ahead, had a more enjoyable time and ended up with a much superior product.
My _____ sites are embarrassing compared with the quality of your work.

Mark Schwartz

“awesome program.”
- Ed

Thanks Ellery,

Downloaded, and unzipped. It worked fine! Again your prompt and personal help are like a giant bonus on the already awesome program.

Ed Townsend

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